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Course Title How To Youtube

-----How to make money in your first week on YouTube.
-----How to get companies to pay you EVERY month.
-----How to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
-----Sources of income that many YouTubers do not know even existed.
-----Unorthodox methods of getting subscribers.
-----How to build a digital "cash machine" that you can integrate with your YouTube channel.
-----How to create videos that will go viral.
-----Income streams that pay you 4 times more than adsense/youtube ads.
-----What types of videos YouTube gives more exposure to.
-----What you need to do to get your videos to rank higher in YouTube's search results.
-----How one YouTuber got 1000 new subs in one day
-----Which social media platform is best for promoting your YouTube channel (hint: it's not Facebook).
-----How to earn a full time income with a tiny YouTube channel.
-----12 income streams you can earn as a YouTuber.
-----A little known strategy for promoting your videos on Reddit.
-----My favorite income stream (and why).
-----How to get RECURRING income every month as a YouTuber (and no, you don't need a large audience or a lot of subscribers).
-----If you're new to YouTube, I'll show you how to get your first 100 subscribers.
-----How to monetize your channel (many YouTubers aren't aware of these methods).
-----How to make 4 figures per month with only a few YouTube subscribers

48 Classes of Video Tutorials ($19.99)

Section 1: Youtube Income Streams

Class 1 - Twelve Income Streams You Can Earn
Class 2 - Why I don't like earning from Adsense/Youtube ads
Class 3 - Earn 4 times more with this than with Adsense/Youtube ads
Class 4 - Four figures per month with only a few subscribers
Class 5 - Sponsorships and Brand Deals (I also cover this in-depth in a later section)
Class 6 - Sell Physical Products easily
Class 7 - Create and sell Digital Products today
Class 8 - Get paid on your live streams
Class 9 - My favorite income stream/business model

Section 2: Blueprint For Making Money In Your First Week

Class 10 - The Blueprint
Class 11 - How To Create Videos That Will Go Viral
Class 12- Creating Your Cash Machine
Class 13 - Cashing Out
Class 14 - Conclusion

Section 3 - How to get RECURRING income every month with only a tiny channel

Class 15 - What you need
Class 16 - The "Why"
Class 17 - The Setup
Class 18 - Your Goals Class 19 - The key to your success with this business model
Class 20 - Examples
Class 21 - Double and Triple your Recurring Income

Section 4 - Sponsorships and Brand Deals

Class 22 - Different ways to finding brand deals
Class 23 - How to approach brands Class 24 - Knowing your worth so you can be confident charging companies a lot of money
Class 25 - Pricing method #1 (use this if you're just starting out)
Class 26 - Pricing method #2 (use this to get long term deals and have revenue coming in for months)
Class 27 - Pricing method #3 (use this to get high priced deals)

Section 5 - Affiliate marketing on YouTube

Class 28 - Why use YouTube to promote affiliate products
Class 29 - Affiliate Networks and Programs for any product
Class 30 - How not to get your Amazon affiliate account closed down
Class 31 - Promoting physical products
Class 32 - Promoting digital products (similar to promoting physical products but with a few key differences)
Class 33 - Disclosing your affiliate relationship (I'll also show you a sample disclaimer you can put in your video descriptions)
Class 34 - How to use your videos to build a list
Class 35 - How to create attention-grabbing thumb nails for more clicks and views

Section 6 - Getting Traffic to your YouTube Channels

Class 36 - YouTube, the world's second largest search engine
Class 37 - How to get your videos to rank high on YouTube
Class 38 - Social Media tips
Class 39 - A little-known strategy for promoting your videos on Reddit
Class 40 - Collaborate with other YouTubers
Class 41 - The Hustlin' Method of getting Traffic
Class 42 - 9 Other Great Tips

Section 7 - How to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Class 43 - One milestone at a time
Class 44 - How to get your first 100 subscribers
Class 45 - How to get to 1000 subscribers
Class 46 - How to get to 100,000 subscribers
Class 47 - How to get to 1 million subscribers
Class 48 - Unorthodox methods of getting subscribers

Second Course Below 8 Classes of Video Tutorials ($19.99)

Title: Youtube 101

Class 1 - Intro
Class 2 - Marketing strategy
Class 3 - Creating Profitable Youtube Ads
Class 4 - Seo Tools
Class 5 - Youtube Algorithm
Class 6 - How Youtube Counts Views
Class 7 - Youtube Analytics
Class 8 - How To Build Community and Loyal Following

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