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(ADA)The Americans with Disabilities Act  

Help Make Your Website More Compliant

Have an Accessibility Widget put on your website

You Can Click On The Live Accessibility Widget
On Bottom Right Hand Corner Of the webpage
Your On Now It Looks Like This Below
so you can test it out.

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What an  Accessibility Widget will Do For Your Website 
Make the site readable
Add reading line, tooltips and make fonts readable.
Dyslexia friendly
Add Dyslexia support for users with learning disorder, Also called reading disability.
Adjust colors
Change brightness, contrast and grayscale.
Navigation keys
ADA widget makes your website accessible to users using keyboard keys such
as Tab, Down, Left, Right and Up arrow keys.
Text to speech
ADA widget will read the content of page to your visitors, this is a useful tool
for users with vision impairment.
Enlarge content
Enlarge cursor or add bigger text for your website visitors.
ADHD Friendly Mode
HD Friendly Mode This mode helps users with ADHD and
Neurodevelopmental disorders
to read, browse, and focus on the main website elements
more easily while significantly reducing distractions.
Cognitive Disability Mode
This mode provides different assistive options
to help users with cognitive impairments
such as Dyslexia, Autism, CVA,
and others, to focus on the essential elements
of the website more easily.
Epilepsy Safe Mode
This mode enables people with epilepsy to use the website safely
by eliminating the risk of seizures
that result from flashing or blinking animations
and risky color combinations.
What Websites Need to Be ADA Website Compliant ?

EVERYONE Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, eCom Store Owner, Web Designers,
Restaurants, Diners, Food Trucks, Coffee Shops, Bars, Clubs,
Healthcare, Medical Services, Doctors, Self-Employed,
Small Firms, Architects, Accountants,  Hotels, Motels, Hostels,
Resorts, Advertisers, Social Media Advertisers,
Training Arenas, Swimming Pools , Body & Paint Shop,
Mechanics, Pet Shops ,Animal Foods,
Toys, Pet Shops, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers,
Local Bands,Artists, Singers, Local Bands and Much More 

ADA & Web Accessibility Guidelines Are Now Enforced GLOBALLY

Here Is ADA In The NEWS!

Business Owners Getting Sued Left & Right - Scary Stuff!

If You would like a  Accessibility Widget put on your website
to help it become a little more compliant
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FAQ About Accessibility Widget
 It’s normal for a business owner or manager to be concerned about  their websites.
After all, no one wants their company website
to unintentionally exclude a member of society that has a disabilty
Will the Accessibility Widget work on my website?
Yes, ADA Widget works on most any type of website As long as you can paste pixel code, it should work.
Do I need coding experience to install this?
No, We have done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, you only need to copy and paste a single line of code to your website. We have a tutorial video on where to paste the code we give you
Do you have a refund policy?
We only offer month to month subscription and we offer no refund
as this is not a physical product you can return. You can simply
cancel your subscription anytime
How Much Is The Monthly Subscription ?
At This time it is introductory price of $5 a Month For Each Website.
In Future the price will rise but you will be grandfathered in to remain at $5
Why Is The Price So Low?
We Want Everyone To be able To afford this so 
they help the disabled navigate your website!
Does the Accessibility Widget make me 100% Compliant?
No It is only part of it.
There are some Things You need to do yourself
or your webmaster
to try to make it 100%
What Are Some of the Main Issues Which Make Websites Inaccessible?

WCAG recommends 3 different levels from beginner to advanced.
To be compliant at the beginner level (recommended), your website must:
- Use clear and helpful page titles
- Provide user controls for moving content
- Present items in a logical order
- Not use presentation that relies solely on color
- Provide an alternative to video-only and audio-only content
- Provide captions for all videos which include audio
- Use more than one sense for all instructions
- Make all functionality accessible by keyboard only
- Ensure users have control over time limits
- Provide text alternatives for non-text content
- Provide a "skip to content" lin
- Make the purpose of every link clear from its context
- Ensure page elements do not change when they receive focus on input
Images should have alt text should describe the purpose of the link.
What is WCAG & what is ADA?
As of 2020, there are more than 400 million active Websites online. All of those websites are
required to provide equal accessibility to all people according to the International Website
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and in the United States following III of the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA)
To be compliant, all sites must be free of barriers that would make
it difficult or impossible for
people with disabilities to make use of them. An inaccessible website
can turn into a major source
of problems for your business and a major Lawsuit.
A lack of accessibility compliance can lead to all sorts of other problems for your
business. For example, your business can't reach potential customers if those
potential prospects can't use your website because of accessibility issues. It's easy to
underestimate the magnitude of people
who rely on accessibility features to access websites.
Approximately 60 million people live with a disability, According to the Centers for
Disease Control. This group has an estimated
$645 billion in annual disposable income.
Businesses including Home Depot, Sears, Brooks Brothers
and Footlocker , have been successfully
sued in federal court and forced to pay expensive settlements
because their websites were not
accessible to people with disabilities.

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