Extreme Couponing Video Course
Course Title Extreme Couponing Basic 13 Class Video Course

Step By Step Over The Shoulder Video Tutorials

So You may ask what does this have to do with marketing?
Well if you can learn to save money
You may be able to afford To Market your business
Or even start a business
Or you may think My Business needs to offer coupons

13 Classes of Video Tutorials

Extreme Couponing Basic 13 Class Video Course

Class 1 Introduction to Couponing
Class 2 Tools and Basic Organization
Class 3 Getting Your Initial Startup Set Of Coupons
Class 4 How To Get Deals at Grocery Stores and Big Box Stores
Class 5 How To Get Deals at Drug Stores
Class 6 Shopping For Meat, Veggies, and other Perishables With Coupons
Class 7 How To Find Out About Deals People Are Doing
Class 8 How To Do a Deal at The Store
Class 9 How To Decide How Much To Buy
Class 10 What To Do With Your Stockpile Of Goods
Class 11 Ethical Couponing
Class 12 What To Do When You Meet Resistance
Class 13 Couponing Terms

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Extreme Couponing Advanced 12 Class Video Course

Class 1-Overview-Of-Coupon-Stockpile-Succcess
Class 2-You-Tube-Monetize
Class 3-Yard-Sale
Class 4-Flea-Farmers-Outdoor-Markets
Class 5-Craigslist
Class 6-Ebay
Class 7-Facebook
Class 8-Affiliate-Marketing
Class 9-Create-An-Info-Product-Business
Class 10-Teach-A-Live-Couponing-Course
Class 11-Teach-A-Live-Couponing-Course-Online
Class 12-Bartering-With-Your-Stockpile

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Extreme Couponing PlayBook 14 Class Video Course

Class 1-What is Possible With Couponing
Class 2-Tools and Basic Organization
Class 3-Getting Your Initial Startup Set of Coupons
Class 4-How to Get Deals at Grocery Stores
Class 5-How to Get Deals at Drug Stores
Class 6-Shopping For Items that Rarely or Never Have Coupons
Class 7-How to Find Out About Deals That People
Class 8-How to Do a Deal at the Store
Class 9-How to Decide How Much to Buy
Class 10-What To Do With Your Stockpile of Goods
Class 11-BONUS Ethical Couponing
Class 12-BONUS What About Resistance
Class 13-BONUS Couponing Terms
Class 14-BONUS More Ways to Save

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