Course Title Build Your Business With Podcasting

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62 Classes of Video Tutorials

Podcast Master Class Volume 1
How To Use Podcasting In Your Business

$10 Class 1 - Podcast Format and Platform Options
Class 2 - The Anchor FM Platform
Class 3 - Minimal Audio Creation Options
Class 4 - Audio and Video Editing Software
Class 5 - Podcast Hosting Options
Class 6 - Alternative to Creating Your Audio Recording
Class 7 - Set Up Your Podcast Website
Class 8 - Podpage Domain Name
Class 9 - Use YouTube Video Promotions On Your Podcast Website
Class 10 - Promote Your Products Using Blog Posts on Your Podcast Site
Class 11 - Create an Amzon Flash Briefing
Class 12 - Create an Amzon Flash Briefing - Part 2
Class 13 - Add Your Blog To Amazon Author Central
Class 14 - Content Disttribution and Amazon
Class 15 - Pretty Links and Redirects
Class 16 - Content Monetization
Class 17 - Content Moderation and Discussion
Class 18 - Connecting Your Podcast Site To Your Products
Class 19 - Creating a Private Podcast
Class 20 - Using Affiliate Programs in Podcasting to Defray Expenses

Podcast Master Class Volume 2

Class 1 - Switching From Anchor
Class 2 - Switching Your Podcast
Class 3 - Updating Your Spotify Setting
Class 4 - Use AI to Assist with Your Description
Class 5 - Update Podcast Cover Art
Class 6 - Link Up Your Spotify Account
Class 7 - Upload a Video Episode
Class 8 - Updating Video Episode Details
Class 9 - Uploading Recorded Audio to Your Spotify Account
Class 10 - Production From Spotify Tools
Class 11 - Record Your Audio on The Spotify Platform
Class 12 - Episode Details
Class 13 - Getting the App On Your Mobile Device
Class 14 - Mobile Elements
Class 15 - Mobile Editing Elements
Class 16 - Adding Music to Your Episode
Class 17 - Distributing Your Podcasts
Class 18 - Spotify Audience Interaction Tools
Class 19 - Spotify Based Monetization Options
Class 20 - Spotify Analytics Tab To Track Activity
Class 21 - Promoting the Podcast On YouTube
Class 22 - Spotify Voice Mail Toggle On And Off

Start Your Podcast With Anchor.FM Basic $10

Anchor is now part of Spotify for Podcasters
It’s official: Anchor, the world's largest podcast hosting platform,
has combined with Spotify for Podcasters to create an all-new, first-of-its-kind platform
with everything you need to create and grow a podcast. This was announced recently
at Stream On, Spotify’s event highlighting new innovations for creators and fans.
This is exciting for podcasters who are already hosted on the platform—
but it’s also a breakthrough for all creators. In addition to bringing our creator
offering all into one platform, we’re also–for the first time ever–opening up Spotify’s unique,
interactive features to all podcasters, no matter where your show is hosted.
Read on for the full details on how to access these tools.
‍ The new Spotify for Podcasters will serve as the foundation for building a more vibrant,
more interactive experience around podcasts. We’re extremely excited by what we’re launching today,
but even more about the future of podcasting we can all build together.
‍ For current Anchor and Spotify for Podcasters users, this means you’ll get more tools
than ever just by logging into your existing account. If you’re new to Spotify for Podcasters,
you can sign up today using your existing Spotify login.
And if you’re not on Spotify yet, now is the best time to start.
‍ Start Your Podcast With Anchor.FM
Overview - Anchor-FM Podcasting
Class 1 - Sign Up and Basic Settings
Class 2 - Creating Cover Art With Canva
Class 3 - Completing Anchor Settings
Class 4 - Anchor Links and Creating An Episode
Class 5 - Using Your Mobile Device for Anchor
Class 6 - Using Your Mobile Device To Create An Episode
Class 7 - Inviting Others to Join You On Your Podcast Using Mobile
Class 8 - Desktop Audio Addition to Anchor
Class 9 - Segmenting A Recording
Class 10 - Creating a Trailer Using Desktop
Class 11 - Creating A Trailer With Mobile at the Show Level
Class12 - Creating Episodes Ahead of Time
Class 13 - Arranging the Order of Episodes
Class 14 - Distrubution of Your Podcast
Class 15 - Distribution and Messaging
Class 16 - Adding an Intro and Outro
Class 17 - Recording Your Intro or Outro Using Anchor Desktop
Class 18 - Editing Your Intro or Outro Using Your Mobile Device
Class 19 - Intro and Outro Professionally Created
Class 20 - Transcriptions for Your Podcast

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