Warrior Plus Course
Course Title
Reach Customers On Warrior Plus 61 Classes of Video Tutorials
21 Basic 101
20 Advanced 102
20 Advanced 201

Warrior Plus Basic 101 $19.99
20 Classes of Video Tutorials

Video Below On What Warrior Plus is About Below

WarriorPlus 101

Class 1 - Vendor Rights Declaration
Class 2 -Vendor Optional Customer Fields
Class 3- Upgrade Customer Subscription
Class 4- Vendor Same Product Different Offer and Funnel
Class 5- Delete a Product From an Offer
Class 6 - Two Products One Offer One Sales Page
Class 7 - Different Sales Page Same Offer
Class 8 -Adding Affiliate Binuses To Upsell Offer
Class 9 - Special Considerations for Affiliate Upsell Bonuses
Class 10 - Vendoe Post Sale Webinar
Class 11 - Extended Customer License Terms
Class 12 - Purchase Your Product With Bitcoin
Class 13 - Manage Your Subscription As a Buyer
Class 14 - Connect Your Product To Wishlist Member
Class 15 - Vendors Having a Private Sale
Class 16 - Showing Sold Out On Your Product Buy Button
Class 17 - Price Increases at Midnight EST
Class 18 - Start To Finish Create a Product
Class 19 - Start To Finish Set Up Your Offer
Class 20 - Start To Finish Allow Affiliate To Promote Your Product
Class 21 - Applying To Promote as an Affiliate

Warrior Plus 102 ($19.99)

Class 1 - VENDOR Allow Another Vendor To Sell Your Warrior Plus Product
Class 2 - VENDOR Get Approval To Use Another Vendors Warriorplus Product In Your Funnel Or Offer
Class 3 - VENDOR Adding Another Warrior Plus Vendor Product To Your Offer
Class 4 - VENDOR Use Your Own Button To Sell Your Product
Class 5- VENDOR Tracking Your Offer Links
Class 6 - VENDOR Set Up a Countdown Timer
Class 7 - VENDOR Set Up a Buyer Leaderboard
Class 8 - VENDOR Seleting Products and Offers From Warrior Plus
Class 9 - AFFILIATE What Launch Contests Can I Participate In
Class 10 - AFFILIATE What Launches Are Coming up To Promote On warrior Plus
Class 11 - AFFILIATE When Will I Be Paid For A sale I Made
Class 12 - AFFILIATE Automate A Commission Bump For A Specific Affiliate
Class 13 - VENDOR Make A Zapier Connection To Warrior Plus
Class 14 - VENDOR Connect Zapier To A Course Platform
Class 15 - VENDOR Set Up a Zoom Webinar After Sale
Class 16 - VENDOR Export My Individual Product Buyer Information
Class 17 -VENDOR Export My Entire Warrior Plus Database Of Customer Information
Class 18 -VENDOR Affiliate Credit for Download Page Product Sales
Class 19 - VENDOR One Source For Warrior Plus Affiliate Sales
Class 20 -VENDOR Set Up a Home Page For Affiliate To Promote

WarriorPlus 201 ($19.99)

Class 1 - The Vendor Tab Vendor Dashboard
Class 2 - The Offer Tab Link
Class 3 - The Product Tab
Class 4 -The Customer Tab
Class 5 - The Transactions Tab
Class 6 - The Stats Tab Link
Class 7 - Creating An Offer Part 1
Class 8 - Creating An Offer Part 2 Excluding Affiliate Set Up
Class 9 - Creating An Offer Part 3 Setting Up For Affiliates
Class 10 - Connect Your Autoresponder
Class 11 - Creating Your Product To Connect To Your Offer Part 1
Class 12 -Creating Your Product To Connect To Your Offer Part 2
Class 13 - Setting Up a Subscription Product
Class 14 - Setting Up a Free Product
Class 15 - Setting Up a Single Priced Product
Class 16 - Connecting and Activating Your Product
Class 17 -Setting Up a JV Partner Contract
Class 18 - Setting Up For Affiliates To Promote
Class 19 - Set Up and Affiliate Contest
Class 20 - Set Up a Coupon For an Affiliate

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