What is My Marketing School?

My Marketing School Offers Courses On Business Marketing

Good for Local Businesses

Good For Large worldwide Businesses

Good For Home Businesses

Good for websites

Good for affiliate Marketers

You Register for a membership(Free At This Time)
You Log into the membership area
Click On Search Courses
When you click on them it will take you to the page
To read over what classes are in the course
On that page it will show the price
And a Pay Button

We take Paypal and Firepay

Credit cards are accepted through both

Firepay is processed

through Stripe a payment processing platform

When you pay your course is delivered instantly
You can find it under menu tab: My Purchased Courses
These class video tutorials

are designed to be very short

And they are viewed on those pages

where they appear as your logged in

Courses are as low as $7.95 for 6 month access

My Marketing School Offers Sms Marketing App
For Info View Ibot Sms Menu Tab

My Marketing School Offers image editor service
For Info View Image Editor Menu Tab


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