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How Can You Use iBotSMS?

    Send time-sensitive status updates
    Offer sales and promotions
    Send webinar and event invitations
    Confirm bookings
    Send appointment reminders
    Send billing reminders
    Send internal company updates
    Communicate with customers
    Answer sales questions
    Provide support
    Simulates human conversation
    Increase engagement rate
    Automated SMS Marketing
    Retain customers


Who Can Use iBotSMS?

    Online Marketers
    Offline Marketers
    Consulting & Coaching
    Ecom Stores
    Bars & Clubs
    Independent Artists
    Nonprofit Organizations
    Bloggers & YouTubers
    Social Media Celebs


Send them a Automatic message as they sign up or message you. Create your logic bot and build intelligent conversation that sells for you even when you are away.

They talk to your prospect like a human do and close the sales for you.


You can take over the Bot response by responding to your leads directly from iBotSMS “Messaging” dashboard.

You can communicate with the user Live and respond to their questions & close the deal right inside our dashboard without using your mobile.


You can use this feature to send mass SMS.

This can be used to ignite a new bot conversation or to inform user of new offers/news.


Every time someone texts you, they are added to your SMS list.

This is very powerful when used correctly. These are the people highly interested in your service and convert to buyers easily.


They Continue To Enjoy Better Returns On Investment In Sms Texting Than Any Other Communications Technologies - For Every 
Single Use Case.

What Do You Get With iBotSMS 

Before you join IBot Sms Please Note: Ibot SMS is an App that connects with Twilio
Independent from Twilio
With Twilio You pretty much need to be a developer to wotk there system
With Twilio You need an App that Connects with it to make it work.
Ibot Sms is an App that makes it easy as you can see in Demo video above!
You will be paying separately for Ibot SMS and Twilio
With Twilio it is a pay as you go you add some money to it
So make sure you add money to your balance to your account
So it doesn't run out
and it deducts in the backgroud as you use it through the Ibot App
Twilio is less the a penny per text
Pricing on there page
You will be directed away from this page to theirs in another window
Make sure to come back to to get this service
Click Here to see there pricing
Lot Cheaper then when you mailed out your promotions
In the set up video below it does not indicate what I wrote above
Wanted you to have the details before you committed to this
In The video it says to choose a phone number for $1.
But it is a $1 month in your twilio account.
You will be choosing a local number
Traditionally Businesses use short codes that many businesses share
So if you choose a keyword most likely it would already be taken on that short code
With a local phone number it is unique to your business and keywords will not be a problem
Example you have a poster up in store or in an advertisement
Text PIZZA to 765-890-8765 to join our VIP Customer Club
to receive Specials texted to your phone and receive 10 percent off your next visit
In a short code 10,000 business may share the word pizza can only be used by
the business that chose it first
This is why IBOT SMS and Twilio is better
On a Short code if one customer abused the system that short code has a chance of being shut down
affecting all 10,000 businesses but since your local number is unique by you
You would not be affected as your responsible for sending messages correctly

After Signing Up With Ibot SMS
Follow These Instructional Tutorial Videos Below To Set up both Ibot Sms and Twilio
My Marketing School is a reseller of the Ibot Sms Service
To Sign Up For Ibot Sms Create a My Marketing School Account
Log In Click On Drop Down Menu Tab Titled:Marketing Tools
Then IbotSms Menu tab To Subscribe

After Paying for Ibot Sms
Send a support email to
with your contact name First and Last
Name Of Business
Phone Number
best email address
Username you want for log in to Ibotsms
and password of your choice(You can change password after you log in)
In Subject put IBOTSMS ACTIVATION REQUEST Once we receive your info and verify Payment
give us 48 hours to setup your account
We will email you back replying to your support email
With your Ibot Sms Log In Instructions
If You do not receive it
Check Junk Mail
We Will Not Call
Support is done by email
This is a do it yourself service
No Help is provided on how to set up
The videos below explain step by step
We may for right monthly price do it for you but it will be a lot
Because it can be a full time job to be your marketing specialist

Ibot SMS $10 Monthly By Subscription
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Receive Your First Month Free
This gives you time to get it set up
and customers to Join Your Texting Specials to build your Customer List

Don't Forget to come back to this page to watch the training videos below
Register Twilo Account that connects to IbotSMS

Connect IbotSms to Twilo

CONFIGURE IbotSms create texting bots

How to manage contacts in Ibotsms

How to do 2way texting in Ibotsms

How to send mass text messages in Ibotsms

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