Improve Video Production Course
Course Title Improve Video Production
A Course That Teaches Beginners How to Improve Video Production!

24 Classes of Video Class Tutorials

Section 1: Course Introduction - 2 Classes

Class 1 - Video Production and Editing Welcome

Class 2 - 28-Item Checklist for Video Improvement

Section 2: You and I on Day 1 - 4 Classes

Class 3 - Improve Your YouTube Videos for YouTube Marketing

Class 4 - Mistakes I Made

Class 5 - Case Study - How Mistakes In Videos Can Hold You Back

Class 6 - Should You Prescript?

Section 3: Common Types of Video Formats

Class 7 - Five Video Format Options

Class 8 - Talking Head Video Production

Class 9 - Screencast Video Production

Class 10 - Picture In Picture Video Production

Class 11 - Best Video Format for Presenting or Teaching

Section 4: Audio Quality - 3 Classes

Class 12 - Audio Introduction

Class 13 - Getting Rid of Sound Echo With Studio Foam

Class 14 - Microphones

Section 5: Lighting Setup - 2 classes

Class 15 - Lighting and Shadows

Class 16 - Improving Lighting, Background and Shadows

Section 6: Filming and Video Quality - 3 Classes

Class 17 - Five Camera Options to Film Your Video

Class 18 - Editing

Class 19 - How Long Should Videos Be?

Section 7: Presenting and Content Delivery - 3 Classes

Class 20 - Body Language Introduction

Class 21 - Clothing and Appearance

Class 22 - Speech and Tone When Presenting

Section 8: Fixing Speech Issues - 2 Classes

Class 23 - What If You Have An Accent Like I Do?

Class 24 - Get Rid of Parasite Words in Your Speech

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